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Beyonce Parfums

Beyoncé Parfums | Coty

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Launching Beyoncé Parfums was epic. The site across 30 countries in one day and then received over 70,000 visits in its first 3 months and we created 75,195 new ‘Likes’.

The site was developed in Drupal by an outside firm that specialized in Drupal development.  A number of requirements were put in place to make this site very easy for the client to administer. The Drupal admin was reduced to only display the required options while I developed custom PHP code for retrieving photos from Facebook galleries and videos from YouTube that corresponded to each fragrance.  Allowing all the photos to live on FB and videos on YT allowed the site to offload bandwidth, admins to only upload media to a single site, and the main site to always have the latest media.

Soon after the website launched we were asked to duplicate the site as a Facebook App; instead of duplicating the site I lead our in-house development team to simply create a new theme for that included minor modifications to handle the site living in an iframe and allowing a different app to exist for each different fragrance.