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Woolite Washed | Reckitt Benckiser

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Woolite Washed is an audacious integrated digital and experiential campaign platform that embeds the brand at the heart of the consumers’ fashion journeys – and into the real and digital spaces where they seek inspiration to make fashion choices, curate their wardrobes and celebrate their fashion triumphs.

The campaign launched at a pop-up boutique during NYC Fashion Week in September 2012, where consumers could purchase exclusive pieces from up-and-coming designers, engage with interactive retail displays to get tips on caring for their clothes and tweet about their fashion finds on a real-time ‘twitter wall’ in- store.  The twitter wall was a last-minute problem that I solved by using a third-party app that tracked hashtags and allowed them to be moderated into an RSS feed that was then fed to in-store twitter computer to display.

To coincide with the in-store event my team developed an engaging Facebook application, where consumers could share their fashion triumphs with their friends.  The user could was provided a selection of photos from their albums that had friends tagged in the photos and then pre-populated a magazine-style screen that the user could then share.  The app and in-store experiences were designed by the very creative S. Coley.

The boutique was ranked #2 at New York Fashion Week and social media engagement increased 85%.  The Facebook app was an OMMA Finalist for 2013.